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Cape Talk

Listen to HouseME's CEO, Ben Shaw, talk on Nedbank's Business Accelerator programme about what we're doing for landlords and tenants across South Africa.


Legal firm Webber Wentzel has announced a selection of 10 start-up businesses that will join its Ignite legal incubation programme.


This Startup Lets You Bid For Your Dream Home In South Africa.

The Midday Report

Housing rental app allows tenants to bid what they're willing to pay.

Maggs On Media

HouseME founders are interviewed by media personality Jeremy Maggs and discuss how HouseME has become the new way to rent.

HouseME launches its new digital platform in Gauteng

HouseME launched its digital property management platform to residential property owners in Gauteng. It also introduced three property management packages where landlords can take advantage of rental management services in an on-demand pricing model, only paying for the services they need.

SA's HouseME goes nationwide with "phenomenal" growth

South African digital rental management platform HouseME is seeing 30 per cent month-on-month growth as it expands from the Western Cape to other parts of the country.

Entrepreneur's Corner

HouseME founder Ben Shaw is interviewed about growth and the disruption caused by HouseME in the rental market.

HouseME leads industry shake-up

BizCommunity gets the lowdown on how a startup company dared go up against the traditional giants of industry, and come out on top.

HouseME brings tenant bidding to personal finance

Revolutionary concept and growing adoption — HouseME allows tenants to bid on fair rental as the Cape Town startup brings world-class technology.

Have you tried The New Way to Rent?

Not sure about what HouseME is here to do or what it changes? You need to understand how fundamentally this concept will change the market.

HouseME changes the SA rental market

HouseME brings fundamental change to the staid, archaic residential rental market of South Africa.